Caucus 5 Revision History

This is a history of recent changes to Caucus, and the matching Caucus version number.  It starts in August 2008, when Caucus was first made available from our public subversion repository.

The Caucus version number is X.YYY.ZZZ, where:

Date, rev Version # Changes
2020-01-23 r351   5.139.225     Bug fix  There were problems switching between the Plaintext and Richtext editors (for adding/editing responses) in various places.  Also, on the iPhone, the richtext editor now has an explicit link to change to the plaintext editor, which is actually more functional.
2020-01-23 r350   5.139.224     Feature  Item deletion: allow organizer to control whether an item author can delete the entire item.  (default = 'no')
2020-01-23 r348   5.139.223     Features 
  1. iPhone text entry: when entering response text On iPhones, treat the 'enter' key as a newline.  Two 'enter's make a new paragraph.
  2. Email conference 'snapshot': add new option to Organizer archive page, to 'csnap' the conference, zip it, and email them a URL to download the zip file.
2018-07-19 r346   5.139.222     Bug Fix  $peo_members() function fails under MySQL 5.7, due to more restrictive ORDER BY rules.  Fixed.
2017-11-24 r345   5.138.222     Feature  Allow different interfaces to individually control whether to allow or prevent self-registration of a Caucus userid.
2017-05-07 r344   5.138.221     Bug Fix  Fixed two filesafe bugs:
  1. Could not add a new section with dashes in its name.
  2. Could not add a new link that used %'s (to escape special characters) in the URL.
2017-02-25 r343   5.138.220     Bug Fix  When running Caucus under https, the "in-session" login box (e.g. the one you get when clicking through an email link) did not support https, and caused security complaints.  Similarly, the email notificatinos themselves did not include the "https" protocol in the links.
2017-01-14 r340   5.138.219     Bug Fix  Brand new Caucus sites, running under MySQL 5.5+, do not create some tables, notably conf_has_items.  This is fixed in the CML/updateDatabases.cml script.
2016-04-17 r339   5.138.218     Feature  The new SWEB/swebd.conf Config switch "disableSelfRegistration" can be set to 1 to prevent new users from registering themselves.  If the switch does not appear or is set to 0, self-registration is allowed by default.
2016-02-28 r337   5.138.216     Feature  The manager "manage individual userids" page now allows for deleting many userids at once.
2016-02-28 r337   5.138.216     Feature  The manager "manage individual userids" page now allows for deleting many userids at once.
2016-02-22 r336   5.138.215     Feature  When a conference organizer archives a conference, they have the option to get a copy of the archive via an email link.
2015-07-29 r331   5.138.213     Bug Fix?  Change automatic email notification to use the real address for "From:" and the organizer's email address for "Reply-To".  This reduces the chances that some receiving email servers will think this is forged spam.
2014-12-26 r329   5.138.213     Feature  Add 'batch' user-creation option to default caucus build.  (Allows creation of many users at once from a tab-separated text file.)
2014-12-12 r327   5.138.212     Feature  Add instructions to INSTALL.TXT for RHEL and CentOS 7, including new 'configure' options.
2013-12-15 r324   5.138.211     Bug Fix  When creating a new conference from an archive, and setting the dates for all responses to now, page timed-out (and did not always create the conference properly).
(Modified MySQL query to use a JOIN to reset the response times.)  
2013-12-15 r324   5.138.211     Bug Fix  When creating a new conference from an archive, and setting the dates for all responses to now, page timed-out (and did not always create the conference properly).
(Modified MySQL query to use a JOIN to reset the response times.)  
2013-07-28 r323   5.138.208     Bug Fix  $cl_num(), and the macros that use it (conf_link, conf_is_allowed, conf_with_new, etc.) got confused if a conference had been deleted, and a new conference with the same name created.
2013-03-17 r320   5.137.210     Bug Fix  Allow moving an item within the same conference.  (Previously, it just disappeared!)
2012-12-26 r317   5.137.208     Build Feature  Caucus may be built with "./configure --noldap" to disable all of the LDAP features. This may make the build process simpler for newer releases of Linux.
2012-12-22 r315   5.136.208     Diagnostic Feature  When the swebs log feature is enabled (by creating a file called "debug" in the SOCKET directory), all MySQL queries are logged, along with the time it took to execute them.
2012-07-20 r308   5.135.208     Bug fix  %myGroupConfs() macro was counting deleted items as "new"!
2012-06-29 r303   5.135.206     Performance  Major improvements in speed of reading new responses, or adding new responses, to an item with a lot of responses.  Previously could be very slow.
2012-05-17 r297   5.134.205     Bug fix  New gcc compilers were blowing up trying to build the LDAP libraries for Caucus.
2012-03-15 r294   5.134.205     Bug fix  Searching a conference sometimes showed the text of responses that had been deleted.  This has been fixed!
2011-11-10 r288   5.133.201     New Feature  Add %ifaceConference(interface confName itemLabel respNum link-text) macro, which goes to a conference (item/response), while switching interface at the same time.
2011-11-10 r288   5.133.201     New Feature  Add %ifaceConference(interface confName itemLabel respNum link-text) macro, which goes to a conference (item/response), while switching interface at the same time.
2011-09-29 r286   5.133.199     New Features  Add %watchitoo() macro, to integrate with the Watchitoo video/chat/meeting service.

Fixes for free and "professional" versions of xupload "progress bar" file upload dialog.

2011-05-19 r279   5.133.197     Bug fix  Items and responses by deleted users did not appear in CSNAP'd text.
2011-04-14 r269   5.133.195     New Feature  Add optional live progress-bar meter for file uploads.
2011-04-07 r266   5.133.194     Bug fix  Could not rename a conference to a name that had been previously used by a deleted conference.
2011-04-03 r265   5.132.194     Bug fixes  1. Center page -> People, enter name and press Find: list is empty.  2. Response posting very slow at times.  (Add items_id key to resps table.)
2011-03-19 r263   5.132.192     New feature  Conference organizer "customize CSS" page now has a link to let you examine the existing CSS file.  If none, neither the link nor the Delete button appear.
2011-03-13 r262   5.132.191     Bug fix  Checking the 'select' box next to a response could allow deleting the response, even though the user was not an organizer or did not own the response.  (Ouch!)
2011-03-13 r261   5.132.190     Bug fix  People page: show "last time in" a conference for each matching person.
2011-03-13 r259   5.132.189     New feature  Each conference may have its own CSS file, which overrides all other styles.
2011-03-10 r258   5.132.188     Bug fix  When calculating which tags are prohibited (removed) from response display, always merge the master prohibited tag list with the individual conference prohibited tag list.  (Otherwise, tags can appear on the master list, but not show up in the conference list, and not get used.)
2011-03-03 r256   5.132.187     Minor improvements  1. Make kit compile under some obstinate SuSE boxes.   2. Extend "new material" calculation switches (see 5.131.186 below) so that the calculation for individually-permissioned items can be turned off for a specific list of userids (defined as swebd.conf Config parameter 'disableIndividualItems'), even while it is turned on for everyone else.
2011-02-17 r253   5.131.187     Bug fix  IE users could not attach a file to a response with the richtext editor.
2011-02-13 r249   5.131.186     Bug fix  Copying and moving responses failed in 5.131.185.
Feature(?)  Added swebd.conf configuration parameter "Config individualItems on".  Without this, the calculation of "what is new" on the Center page ignores the effect of individually-permissioned items.  (For a large site, that calculation can get very slow, so it is disabled by default.)
2011-02-10 r249   5.131.185     Feature(?)  The number of ithe highest-numbered item (or breakout to an item) is re-used if that item (or breakout) is deleted.  (E.g. create item 5, delete it, create a new item, and it now has number 5.)
2011-02-10 r245   5.130.185     Bug fixes.  1. Make CML 'return' statement work properly from inside while, for, etc. loops!  2. Prevent copying an item to one of it's descendant breakouts.
2011-02-03 r240   5.129.183     Bug fixes.  1. Sometimes lists of conferences (such as in pulldowns) included deleted conferences.   2. Make recursive item copying that includes quiz items work properly.
2011-01-20 r236   5.128.181     New Feature.  When copying items with breakouts, now the items are copied "recursively" -- meaning the breakouts, and their breakouts, get copied, too.
2011-01-03 r232   5.127.181     New Feature.  When defining a CML-box or CML-line field on the "manage the user information fields" page, enable the check boxes for Mgr/Self/Pub/Reg choices.  This is especially helpful when using special-purpose macros on the registration and self-edit pages, so that they can appear in both places.
2011-01-03 r229   5.127.180     New Feature.  $item_parse() can now handle a wildcard in an item number or breakout.  E.g. $item_parse(3 5.*) will return the triplet for items 5.1, 5.2, etc. in conference 3.
2010-12-20 r223   5.126.180     New Feature.  Individual items may be set to automatically be visible or hidden based on a date range.
2010-12-11 r222   5.126.179     Bug fix.  Customize / "Produce user reports" produced an empty report.
2010-12-07 r221   5.126.178     New Feature.  Add %itemMapFrame() macro.  Same as %itemMap(), but embedded in page (actually inside an <iframe>) instead of a pop-up.
2010-11-11 r212   5.126.175     Bug fix.  Registration page.  If there are pull-down choices containing multiple words, the choices appeared with binary characters instead of spaces.
2010-11-11 r211   5.126.175     Improved Feature.  When creating an item and geolocation is enabled, the geolocation of the item appears on, and is editable from, the "create item" page.
2010-11-10 r209   5.126.174     Bug fix.  "Manage => Look & Feel => Create site wide user fields", manager can now define multiple "text > 255 chars" fields.
2010-11-04 r208   5.125.174     Bug fix.  When an item was created, Post & Go returned to the "which kind of item do you want to create" page.  It now goes back to the page that had the "create item" link.
2010-11-03 r207   5.125.173     New macro.  Add %createItem(link text).  If user can create (any kind of an) item, displays link to "create a new item" page.  Otherwise empty.
2010-10-30 r205   5.125.172     New feature -- improved geolocation of responses.  The %itemMap() macro has been modified to (a) only show items, (b) include a pre-specified zoom factor, (c) show item titles when hovering over a marker, and (d) clicking on a marker pops-up a window with just the item text.
2010-10-14 r203   5.125.171     New feature -- improved geolocation of responses.  The geolocation of items and responses may be edited, and the mapping of IP address to lat/long and location name may be saved and re-used for new responses from the same IP.

Responses may be "marked" so that they can be shown on a map.  The new macro %itemMap() displays the locations of the selected items and optionally their responses, on a single map.

Add new CML function $urlEncode(string).

2010-08-23 r197   5.124.170     New feature -- Shared items!  Items may now be shared across multiple conferences.  Caveats: (a) only someone who is an organizer in both conferences can share an item.  (b) any given item may only appear once in a conference, it can't be shared-in more than once.  (c) Breakouts to a shared item that occur after sharing do not get shared.

New feature -- surveys  Survey items are a lot like quiz items, but without the scoring.  This is an early draft, with more to follow.

2010-08-19 r192   5.123.168     Bug fix.  Normal users could not edit their own responses.

New feature.  Changed new geo-location features to save and display the name of their location (e.g. city/state/country) next to their response, instead of the (distracting) globe icon.  Also added an organizer customize-level switch to enable or disable showing the geo-locations.

2010-08-15 r191   5.123.167     Bug fix.  Deleted items sometimes appear in "email notification" emails.
2010-08-14 r190   5.123.166     Bug fix.  "Special" Caucus URLs in item or response text must be able to handle the breakout-item syntax, e.g. goes to response 15 of breakout item 1.2.3.
2010-08-12 r188   5.122.166     New Features.  First draft of geolocation features for items and responses.
2010-08-07 r186   5.122.165     New Features.  First beta release of new wiki & blog features.  New version of rich-text editor, with support for Safari.
2010-07-11 r178   5.121.163     Bug fix.  When copying an item with deleted responses, sometimes the deleted responses reappear in the copy.
2010-06-30 r176   5.121.162     New Feature.  First experimental version of "blog" items, which are automatically published to the public web.
2010-06-05 r173   5.119.160     New Feature.  Create a new type of item, the "Wiki".  A wiki item may be edited by any member of the conference, and a complete version history is retained.  Any old version may be restored to the "current" version.
2010-05-02 r170   5.119.157     Bug fix.  Copying an item (from "manage items individually") adds an extra newline to the end of the (new) item title.
2010-05-01 r168   5.119.156     Feature.  When conferences, items, or responses are deleted, they are only "marked" as deleted, and the user interface just skips around them.  They still really exist in the database.
2010-05-01 r166   5.119.155     Bug fix.  New move-item code broke the display of items on the "mark individually" page.

Bug fix.  Restoring a conference from an archive did not restore any "quiz" items.

2010-04-24 r135   5.119.154     Bug fix.  Moving an item now really moves the item, and all of its child break-out items.

Feature.  Deleting a conference now just marks it as deleted, it can be restored via a simple MySQL query.  Later a "purge" option will be added to fully delete anything marked as deleted.

2010-03-27 r135   5.119.153     Feature.  Manage / Email-all-users now supports attaching a file to the outgoing email.  Ditto for a conference organizer emailing all members of a conference.
2010-03-06 r134   5.119.152     Bug fix.  Could not attach a file to a new breakout item.
2010-03-06 r133   5.119.151     Bug fix.  To make a "breakout" from an item or response, the item must (a) not be frozen, and (b) the user must have include or higher access to the item.
2010-03-03 r132   5.119.150     Bug fix.  A user without access to an "individually permissioned" item could still see the item, by clicking on a person who could see the item, then choosing "list all items seen" for that person.
2010-02-15 r131   5.119.149     OpenId integration.  Caucus can now use OpenId's for user authentication.  This also provides easier integration with other social networking tools.
2009-11-29 r129   5.118.149     CSNAP Bug fix.  CSNAP creates static "snapshots" of a Caucus site.  Recent code to handle individually-permissioned items "broke" the way CSNAP listed items on a conference home page.
2009-11-29 r128   5.118.149     Speed improvement.  The rendering of the list of new items and responses per conference can be slow on the Center page, if there are "individually permissioned items" (items that have specific access control beyond the conference-level access control).  This fix greatly speeds up the rendering for conferences that do not have such individually permissioned items.
2009-11-28 r126   5.118.148     Feature.  Add new CML function $timems(), epoch time in milliseconds.  Mostly used for timing and debugging MySQL queries inside Caucus.
2009-09-28 r120   5.116.148     Utility.  Add badCharFilter.c, program to remove "bad" characters (such as MSWord fancy quotes) from Caucus data, and replace them with simple ASCII equivalents.
2009-09-28 r119   5.116.148     Bug fix.  Create conference, list userids of initial organizers.  They were getting instructor permission, not organizer permission.
2009-09-26 r117   5.115.148     Flashcoms chat integration.  Add a column confs.lastAccess with epoch timestamp of last access to a conference.  Will be used to create list of recently-used conferences, for Flashcoms chat integration.
2009-09-24 r112   5.115.147     Look-and-feel.  Extend the "top-of-page banner" option to include a centered image (in addition to the existing left and right images).
2009-09-22 r108   5.115.146     Simplify database.  Make grouprules.grkey primary key auto-increment.  Remove $sql_sequence(grouprules) call, and grouprules sequence table.
2009-09-16 r107   5.114.145     Performance.  Change all tables to InnoDB engine(!).
2009-09-16 r106   5.113.144     Performance.  Remove auto_increment from table/column resps.rnum, and modify code to generate rnum values directly.
2009-08-31 r98   5.113.143     Bug fix, $group_access().  Previously returned -2 if there were no relevant rules.  Now it correctly returns 0.
2009-08-31 r97   5.112.143     Bug fix, item permissions.  Users must be able to edit their own items.  Some other permissions on items were buggy, including organizer-level access granted to specific users on individual items.
2009-08-28 r96   5.112.142     Enhancement, integration.  Improve single-signon integration options, specifically aimed at supporting OpenId.  Rewrite MD5 hash function, and make logout from Auth method 3 force-clear the relevant cookie(s) so that the user doesn't stay logged-in.
2009-08-28 r73   5.111.142     Bug fix, help.  Add missing help page for "Tasks".
2009-08-24 r69   5.111.142     Enhancement, people.  Add an interface-specific checkbox (to "modify interface") to control whether "(userid)" is displayed after a user's name.  If set, this control overrides the system-wide setting in "Caucus switches".
2009-08-24 r68   5.111.141     Bug fix, people.  The one remaining use of the (4.x version) $per_lastin() function sometimes caused the "show everyone in this conference" page (members.cml) to crash.  Removed it, only MySQL "last in" data is displayed.
2009-08-23 r67   5.111.140     Bug fix, editor.  A bug briefly disabled the "plaintext" editor.
2009-08-23 r66   5.111.139     Bug fix, items.  Fix organizer ability to change item & response owner.
2009-08-20 r63   5.111.138     Change default options.  Make RTE the default editor.  Make default tag filter prohibit javascript.
2009-08-19 r60   5.111.137     Bug fix.  Make %ifs_resp() macro ignore item = 0.  Appeared in rare cases in filesafe headers, for unknown reasons.
2009-08-19 r59   5.111.137     Enhancement, responses.  Responses may be limited to a specific number of words.  Do not apply the limit to users with organizer or instructor access to the item.  On the edit item page, align the fields more neatly.
2009-08-16 r56   5.111.136     Bug fix, people.  When creating a new user, sometimes the first name and other optional fields were ignored.
2009-08-10 r53   5.111.136     Disable 'show userid'.  If global "show userid" switch is off, disable displaying '(userid)' after names on "who is on now" page.
2009-08-09 r52   5.111.136     SWF Videos  Add %swfVideo() macro to show .swf videos inside a page.
2009-08-02 r51   5.111.136     Disable 'show userid'.  Jenzabar fix.  If global "show userid" switch is off, disable displaying '(userid)' after names on people list or person pop-up pages.  Add Jenzabar-created users to all wild-card group lists.
2009-07-20 r48   5.111.136     Jenzabar features.  Create/update Caucus user's name and email address, using data sent from Jenzabar.
2009-07-16 r39   5.111.136     Bug fix, filesafe.  Idiot-proof filesafe section creation so that filesafes can not get clobbered by a dying process.
2009-07-04 r38   5.111.135     New feature, conference creation.  When restoring (creating) from archive, add checkbox to allow setting all dates in new conf to now.
2009-07-04 r37   5.111.135     Integration.  Add useridTimeHasher utility program, intended for SSO support with flashcoms video IM.
2009-07-04 r35   5.111.135     Integration.  Add $md5hash() function, intended for SSO support with flashcoms video IM.
2009-06-23 r34   5.110.135     Macros.  Extend %ifs_popup macro to add width=, height= parameters for pop-up window.
2009-06-19 r33   5.110.134     Bug fix, macros.  Fix %ifs macros to properly convert item numbers (labels) in the macro calls, to item ids, inside the macro implmentations.
2009-06-18 r32   5.110.133     Bug fix, item display.  Fix item # display in viewitema.i (print item or print conference)
2009-06-18 r30   5.110.133     Feature, conference 'print'.  Implement print button on conference home page.
2009-06-05 r29   5.110.132     Feature, email.  Added new way to email directly to an item. 
  1. Create a unix userid to handle incoming mail, e.g. 'mailhandler'.
  2. Redirect all incoming email (that doesn't match existing unix userids or email aliases) to that address.  E.g. in postfix, modify /etc/postfix/, and set:
    local_recipient_maps =
    luser_relay = mailhandler
  3. In the 'mailhandler' home directory, create a .forward file containing:
       | /home/mailhandler/
    Create, containing:
       /home/mailhandler/forwardCaucusMail | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t
    Make both files executable.
  4. In the 'mailhandler' home directory, place the Caucus forwarding software program forwardCaucusMail, as built in the Caucus CV2/zutil directory (examine the directories in your build from the configure/make steps).  Make it executable.
  5. On a server, for a Caucus site owned by unix userid "mysite", a conference named "Demo", and an item 3, the direct email address would be:
2009-04-11 r27   5.110.131     Feature, items.  Properly sort list of items (on conference home page) by title(!).
2009-03-18 r26   5.110.131     Feature, people.  Add a standard (default) picture for users who do not upload a picture.
2009-03-18 r25   5.110.131     Feature, people.  On the people gallery page (see %peoplegallery() macro), make each person clickable -- produces normal person pop-up page.
2009-02-23 r24   5.110.131     Feature, statistics.  Record IP address at user login, in table events.s1.
2009-01-17 r21   5.110.130     Feature, people/integration.  On the Google map of a group of people (see %groupMap() macro), clicking on a person marker now pops-up the normal person page.
2009-01-15 r19   5.110.130     Feature, item permissions.  When adding access control to an individual item, add a default inherit-from-the-containing-conference rule.
2008-12-07 r18   5.110.130     Feature, permissions.  Add new "write-only" permission.  (Users can add responses to an item, and see their own responses, but no-one else's.)
2008-10-28 r18   5.110.120     Feature, internal.  Add $priv() function, clean up how privilege levels are specified in CML code.
2008-09-24 r9   5.109.120     Feature, security.  Add support for full-fledged virus checker.
2008-09-23 r8   5.109.120     Macros.  Add macro %addUser2GroupOnClick().
2008-09-23 r7   5.109.120     Bug fix, email.  Fix email participation bug that messed up display of HTML text in user's email client.
2008-09-06 r6   5.109.120     Bug fix, registration.  Use http variable instead of hard-coded http: in registration URLs.  (Makes full https/SSL support possible.)
2008-09-06 r4   5.109.120     Feature, people.  Extend Google-Maps geolocation features: add recalculte and disable options for each user.