Allowing Caucus pop-up windows with AdSubtract

Revised 11 December 2002

The popular AdSubtract software blocks pop-up window advertisements.  Unfortunately, it also blocks Caucus pop-up windows, such as "Help" or personal information pages (what you see when you click on a person's name).

Tell AdSubtract not to block pop-ups on your Caucus site.  Detailed instructions are shown below:

  1. Determine the hostname of your Caucus site.
    Login to Caucus.  Look at the address bar in your browser.  It should look something like this:

    The hostname is the part immediately after the "http://".  In this case it is "".

  2. Open the AdSubtract control panel.
    Double-click on the AdSubtract tray icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Click on the filters tab.
    You should see the window shown on the right.

  4. Click on the "Add" button.
    You'll see the dialog box shown to the right.  Click in the box and type your Caucus hostname (e.g. ""). 

    Then click on "OK".

  5. Uncheck Annoyances
    Back on the filters tab of the control panel, un-check the "Advertisements" and "Pop-up windows" boxes in the "Annoyances" section.

    Click on "OK".

  6. You're Done!
    If you're inside Caucus, click on the "refresh" button on your browser.

    Now you can use all of the features of Caucus, and still block pop-ups from other sites.