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Caucus is an open-source, web-based eLearning and discussion platform. It is used in universities, non-profits, and companies wherever learning, conversation, and coordination must happen together. 

Flexible and free, yet commercially supported, Caucus is easy to install, and easy to evaluate.  See "What is Caucus?" for a frank description of its capabilities, and what it can do for you.
News -- 7 April 2011
Geolocation has been a hot topic lately, and now Caucus provides the capability to automatically geolocate users' responses, tied in to Google Maps.  We've also added "shared" items (that belong to multiple conferences), and many small bug fixes.
15 February 2010
Caucus now supports OpenId's, for better integration with other tools and social networking sites.
7 December 2008
Caucus adds 'access control' to individual items within a conference -- including a new "write-only" permission (yes, really!).
15 July 2008
Caucus now integrates with Google-maps, and automatically detects users' geographic location from their IP address.

Also, Caucus downloads are now available from a subversion repository, so you can get the latest upgrades instantly.
9 May 2007
Caucus 5.1 is released.  Highlights include: hierarchical "breakout" discussion items, integrated quizzes, and easier build and install scripts.  (No more ODBC!)
29 January 2006
Caucus version 5 now runs on MacOS X (10.4).  Source and binary downloads are available, see the "download" link to the left.
31 October 2005
Caucus 5 has officially been released!  (Happy Halloween!)  See the download section to the left.

We have also opened a conference (forum) on this site, "Caucus 5 Open Source", for people who are building Caucus from the downloadable source code.

If you need access to the old website(s), see or

27 June 2005
Our new "Navigating eLearning?" brochure debuted at the National Educational Computing Conference in Philadelphia, where NYIT highlighted Caucus in their presentation A Toolbox for Online Learning: Creating the Human Environment.