What's new in Caucus 4.5

(Last revised 14 May 2003.)

Caucus 4.5 highlights include:

  1. Two different "WYSWYG" (what you see is what you get) or word-processor style editors, built into Caucus, for writing your items and responses.

  2. Extensions to the FileSafe:
    • Ability to store URLs as well as files
    • Ability to sort filesafe sections by name, owner, description, date, or keyword.
    • Add custom header text (including CML functions) to each FileSafe page.

  3. When managers send e-mail to "everyone" (in a conference, group, or site), they may also see the e-mail distribution list first.

  4. An automatic CSNAP tool, that continuously updates your HTML-published snapshots of a set of conferences.

  5. Conference "aliases".  Tired of the first-letter-of-each-word capitalization that Caucus does by default?  Now display your conference names exactly the way you want them to appear.

  6. Enabling e-mail notification in a conference automatically adds the required "Caucus user" to the users included in the conference.

  7. "Forgot your password?" feature is substantially improved.  Now it sends an e-mail to the user, containing a link that they can click to change their password to whatever they like.  The password is not changed until then.

  8. New Caucus interfaces may be created by Caucus managers.  Managers may also directly edit the CML files that define an interface, from within Caucus.