Last revised: 4 April 2003

Caucus uses and includes a version of Nathaniel Borenstein's open source metamail package to handle sending certain kinds of Caucus data as e-mail attachments.

The "official" version of metmail (as far as we know) is 2.7-19.  To comply with the publication requirements of the package, the full package is available from our site as metamail-2.7-19.1.tar.gz.  (The extra ".1" is because we patched a simple error in the metasend shell script that is part of the package.)

In your Caucus kit, a stripped-down and modified version of metamail is supplied in the SCRIPTS directory.  That version only handles sending a file as an attachment, although it improves somewhat on the original metamail, especially in the way it writes the Content-Description mail header.  If you are interested in writing or adapting your own scripts for handling attachments, please feel free to use our modified version of metasend, and/or to compare it with the original distribution.