Caucus 4.6 download information

(Last revised 14 December 2004.)


Caucus 4.6 "Sirius" for Unix has been released.
   New features in Caucus 4.68, code-named "Sirius" include
  • a very fast, very portable WYSWYG editor
  • "course conferences" with gradebooks and assignment sheets
  • a more professional look and feel based on CSS (cascading style sheets)

and much more.  This version also supports three add-on packages: an integrated 'chat' tool, a user statistics module based on MySQL, and a "batch new user registration" tool. See What's new in 4.6.

(The Caucus server runs on most flavors of Unix, including MacOS 10.3, but does not run on Windows.  Caucus users may work from any browser on any platform, including Windows.)

Integrated Caucus 'chat' tool released.
   Caucus 4.6 supports an integrated 'chat' tool called "Babylon".  This is available as an add-on package, at the flat one-time price of US $200 per site.  To download this package, please contact us at

Caucus Download Procedure

Caucus 4.6 kits are downloadable from this page.   Current Caucus licensees who have a version 4.1 or later "activation key" may immediately download and install version 4.6 over their current site.  There is no charge for this upgrade.

If you have version 4.0 or earlier, or would like to purchase a Caucus license, please contact us at or see the pricing page for upgrade or license pricing.

If you would like to evaluate Caucus on your own host, please contact us and we'll send you an activation key that is good for 30 days.  Be sure to tell us which operating system (see below) you're using.

Caucus kits are immediately available for the operating systems shown below.  Just click on the version number to download your kit.  (Note: the Linux Caucus kits will run on most Linux distributions; try downloading the kit that is closest to your kernel.)

Caucus Version   Operating System
4.68   i85 LX RH8   RedHat Linux 8 (Intel, kernel 2.4.20-18.8)
4.68   i85 LX RH9   RedHat Linux 9 (Intel, kernel 2.4.20-6)
4.68a  i85 LX RH ES2   RedHat Linux ES2 & AS2 (Intel)
4.68c  i85 LX RH ES3   RedHat Linux ES3 & AS3 (Intel, kernel 2.4.21-20)
    4.68   i82 SL   Solaris 9 Generic_112233-01 (Sparc)
4.62  i63 FB   MacOS 10.3
4.46  i55 DU   Tru64 4.0g (Alpha), aka DEC UNIX, aka OSF1 (dynamic linking)
4.46  i55 DU   Tru64 4.0g (Alpha), aka DEC UNIX, aka OSF1 (static linking)
4.40  i51 AX   AIX 4.3 (PowerPC)
4.40  i51 FB   FreeBSD 4.6

Once you have downloaded your kit, see the installation instructions

If you are interested in running Caucus on HP-UX, IRIX, or other Unix platforms not covered above, please contact us.  Older distributions of Caucus, many of which were built on older versions of Unix, are also available.

Caucus Technical Library
   All of the technical information about Caucus has been updated for 4.6 and collected into a single technical library.  This includes installation guides, reference guides, FAQs, and more.