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Pricing, Services, and Policies

CaucusCare offers five kinds of products and services:

  1. Caucus software licenses
  2. Caucus installation service
  3. Support contracts for your Caucus license
  4. Caucus add-on modules
  5. Custom programming to modify or extend your particular Caucus site.

The pricing and policies for each of these are shown below.  If you have any questions, please contact us at info@caucuscare.com.  These prices may change without notice.  (Last revised 8 November 2002.)

You can now purchase Caucus licenses or support with a credit card; see Educational Purchases or Commercial Purchases.

  1. Caucus License pricing:

    Number of Users 50 200 1000 5000  Unlimited
    Commercial Price  $800  $2000  $4000  $8000  $14000
    Educational Price $350 $1000 $1800 $3000 $7000
    30-day trial kit (free)  

    Starter kits.  The 50-user license is intended as a "starter" kit, for an organization just beginning to use Caucus.  It includes two free standard support incidents.  (All other licenses include one month of free standard support, with no limit on the number of incidents.)

    One license, One server.  You may install a Caucus license on a single Unix server (single or multiple CPU).  We currently support Linux, Solaris, DEC Unix, and other flavors.  To install on additional servers, you must purchase additional licenses.  Volume discounts are available, please contact us if interested.  You may transfer (completely move) a license from one server to another server, but please e-mail us as a courtesy when you do this.

    Educational price applies when the license is installed on a ".edu" server for primarily educational purposes, or if you otherwise qualify as a educational institution.

    Incremental upgrades.  Sites with at least 1000 users may purchase incremental units of 1000 users; contact us for details.

    Version upgrades.  CaucusCare will honor Caucus licenses of version 4.1 or higher, purchased through Caucus Systems Inc., and will provide a free upgrade to the current 4.x version for such licensees.  If you have a license for version 3.x or 4.0, you may purchase an upgrade to the current 4.x with the same number of users for 50% of the price listed above.

  2. Caucus Installation pricing.
    Most organizations can easily install Caucus on their site by following the supplied installation instructions.  If you prefer, we will cheerfully install Caucus and/or the Apache web server on your host for you.  The pricing schedule is:

    Installation: Caucus  Apache  Other web servers
    Commercial Price $150 $150 $150/hr           
    Educational Price $50 $50 $150/hr           

  3. Caucus license support

    CaucusCare Support   Standard
    per year
      per year
    Commercial Price $800 $1500
    Educational Price $400 $1500

    Definitions:  Caucus license support means that we will resolve problems with your Caucus site that are caused by the standard, "out-of-the-box" version of the Caucus software.  Each support contract applies to a single server, site, or installation of Caucus.  There is no limit to the number of incidents, although you may designate only two individuals to open a support incident.  For some problems, we may require telnet or ssh access to your server to diagnose a problem.  We cannot be responsible for problems caused by local modifications to or customizations of the Caucus software, although we can often diagnose such problems at custom rates (see section 4).

    For more details, see the formal Support Agreement.

    Standard support includes problem resolution via e-mail and automatic forms for two designated people from your organization.  E-mail turn-around for problem resolution is always within 24 hours (next business day), and frequently much faster.  A support contract also includes all bug fixes and free software upgrades (to any and every 4.x version) during the term of your contract. 

    Gold support purchasers get all of the features of standard support, plus a pager number that goes directly to a technician, with rapid response during normal working hours (U.S. eastern time).

    Free support is available from our on-line open "support" conference.  Any Caucus manager or administrator may participate, at any hour of the day.  We will do our best to answer questions in this conference, but we cannot guarantee complete solutions.  You may find that this is a very effective way to share questions amongst your peer Caucus users and organizations.

    Previous Licenses:  CaucusCare will honor Caucus licenses purchased through Caucus Systems Inc., and will provide a free upgrade to version 4.4 for such licensees.  Regretfully, CaucusCare cannot be responsible for any support contracts made with Caucus Systems Inc.  If you had an active support contract with Caucus Systems, we are offering a special discounted rate for new support contracts -- please contact us.

  4. Caucus add-on modules Beyond the standard Caucus software license, there are three add-on modules which may be purchased separately.  These are one-time license fees, and include free future upgrades in the Caucus 4.x series to these modules.  Contact us for more information.

    User Statistics      $700
    Batch user registration and user group editing $500
    Integrated 'Chat' module $200

  5. Custom programming and support
    Tell us about your custom needs for Caucus, and we'll gladly supply a fixed-price quote on what would be involved in adding that functionality to your Caucus site.  Our standard rate for custom work is $150/hour, with discounts for projects estimated at more than 8 hours.

    We're also very interested in collaborative projects -- if you have ideas and the technical talent to expand Caucus in some way, we'd love to hear from you.