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        Pre-loaded Caucus Servers

Sometimes known as "Caucus in a box", this is basically a desktop-sized server that we ship to you, with Linux and Caucus pre-installed.  You plug in the power, plug in the network cable, and your Caucus site is up and running!

This is a very economical approach if you already have some IT infrastructure in place, but don't want to do all of the work of installing, maintaining, and upgrading Caucus on your existing servers.

You can choose from a menu of support options, including

  • Caucus software support
  • Operating system maintenance
  • Data Backups

We use Dell Poweredge servers, with three-year on-site hardware maintenance, for a minimum of hassle.  For similar reasons, we pre-install RedHat Enterprise Linux 3, with their automatic software and security update service. 

Click on caucus_in_a_box.xls to see a spreadsheet with the configurable options.  You can tweak the numbers in the "How Many?" column to turn options on or off and estimate the cost.  The default values in the spreadsheet are our recommendations for an educational institution with up to 3000 anticipated users.  (Larger sites may require more RAM, a faster processor, etc.)

If you prefer a completely hands-off service, where we do everything for you, see our Hosting Options