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        Hosted Caucus Services

Caucus is available as a hosted service.  We provide the servers, install and configure your Caucus site, maintain the operating system, security patches, backups, etc.  You simply use the service over our high-speed connections to the Internet.

(Alternately, see our "Caucus in a box" internet appliance that you can plug into your local network.)

Option 1: Base Hosting
Our base-level hosting is perfect for groups that need to meet online, know what they want to do, and simply want to get it going as fast as possible with a minimum of fuss.  This level includes:

  • A unique domain name ( with one Caucus site pre-configured.  You have full control of the site.
  • up to 10GB storage
  • Email and online support for 2 designated administrators, with response within one business day (usually much faster).  We do not provide end-user support.
  • Incremental off-site backups every 24 hours
  • A "static" snapshot of your site, on a CD, suitable for viewing from any browser.  (One CD per year.  CD 650MB size limits may apply.)
  • Complete migration to a failover server within 24 hours if the main server fails for any reason.  (We keep multiple servers in widely separated geographical regions.)
  • Up to 2 hours consulting, site customization, or training.  (Consulting etc. beyond that is $75/hour.)
  • Automatic Caucus software upgrades.

Monthly fees are based on the number of "seats" (individual users), as shown below.  There is no set-up fee, but the minimum is the lower of 3 months or $500.  You may purchase hosting services directly over the web.

    Users       Cost/Month
    50 $50
    250 $125
    500 $240
    750 $340
    1000 $400
    >1000   (contact us)

Option 2: Gold Hosting
Gold hosting is offered for groups where the online meeting space is a mission-critical need.  It extends Base hosting with:

  • Telephone support
  • Incremental off-site backups every 6 hours
  • Rapid failover

Gold hosting requires a minimum of 500 seats, and costs an additional $1500/year over the base hosting fees.

Option 3: One-time Events
In some cases, you may need a one-time "event" space that lasts for a month or less.  This is essentially a one-month Base hosting for up to 1000 users, but the minimum fee is $500.  At the end of the event, we will produce a static "snapshot" of your site on a CD, suitable for viewing from any browser.  (CD size limits of 650MB may apply.)

Option 4: Fully Managed
Bringing a group together online can be a very effective and rewarding experience.  But it can also have its frustrations. 

In particular, if you have a diverse or diffuse group that does not have an immediate focus, problem, or direction, you may benefit from a "Fully Managed" service.  With this service we provide online moderators and facilitators to help your group -- not just with support of the software, but in support of the process:

  • Selecting goals
  • Defining group norms and expectations
  • Tracking movement towards goals
  • Prompting and encouraging people to communicate and commit

CaucusCare provides this service in partnership with Group Jazz and the College of Exploration, which have decades of experience in helping online groups.  Contact us for more information.