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        Caucus Software Support Services

With Caucus version 5, we provide the best of both worlds -- free software with optional commercial-grade support.

CaucusCare Support   Standard
per year
  per year
Commercial Price $800 $1500
Educational Price $400 $1500

Definitions:  Caucus software support means that we will resolve problems with your Caucus site that are caused by the standard, "out-of-the-box" version of the Caucus software.  Each support contract applies to a single server, site, or installation of Caucus.  There is no limit to the number of incidents, although you may designate only two individuals to open a support incident.  For some problems, we may require ssh access to your server to diagnose a problem.  We cannot be responsible for problems caused by local modifications to or customizations of the Caucus software, although we can often diagnose such problems.

For more details, see the formal Support Agreement.  You may also purchase support directly over the web.

Standard support includes problem resolution via e-mail and Caucus conferences for two designated people from your organization.  E-mail turn-around for problem resolution is always within 24 hours (next business day), and frequently much faster.  A support contract also includes all bug fixes and the installation of software upgrades during the term of your contract. 

Gold support purchasers get all of the features of standard support, plus a pager number that goes directly to a technician, with rapid response during normal working hours (U.S. eastern time).

Free support is available from our on-line open "support" conference.  Any Caucus manager or administrator may participate, at any hour of the day.  We will do our best to answer questions in this conference, but we cannot guarantee complete solutions.  You may find that this is a very effective way to share questions amongst your peer Caucus users and organizations.