Caucus Technical Library

The technical library is divided into a small number of categories; some documents may be listed in more than one category.  For a more general introduction to Caucus, see the Caucus Tutorial.

Installing Caucus
Unix Installation Guide

Caucus Architecture Description
(This document is useful for understanding, in a global sense, what Caucus is doing when you install it on your host.)

What's New in Caucus
Detailed change log (very technical)

Summary: what's new in the 4.6 "Sirius" release, October 2004.

Summary: what's new in 4.50

Summary: what's new in 4.4

Summary: what's new in 4.36

Brief Summary of New Features in 4.30

Technical Description of New Features in 4.30

Caucus LDAP "How-To"

E-mail Notification of new activity
Notifies conference participants of new activity, via e-mail.

Capture a static "snapshot" of a Caucus conference to archive, or to publish on the web.

A package of improvements in 4.3 relating to easy customization of the Caucus Center page and user registration page.

Technical FAQ


User and Usage questions

Reference & Usage Guides
CML 4.4 Reference Guide
Describes the Caucus Markup Language in detail. 

Caucus 4.3 Interface Data Definitions
Reference list of data elements used in the CML files (that are distinct from actual Caucus item, response, and person data).  

Caucus Feature & History Log
Detailed "change history" of Caucus versions.

RFC2068: HTTP 1.1 The official definition of the HTTP 1.1 protocol.  Available on-line here for convenience.

Conference Organizer's How-To
Basic "how-to" information for the new conference organizer.

Guide for Conference Organizers
Planning and philosophy behind organizing a conference.

Multiple Interfaces: tying a user interface to a registration interface
Providing multiple distinct interfaces to the same Caucus site, and linking a specific (new-user) registration interface (look & feel) with a specific user Caucus user interface.

Caucus and E-mail
Caucus E-mail Participation Interface
Provides a means for users without browser access to participate in Caucus conferences via e-mail.

E-mail Notification of new activity
Notifies conference participants of new activity, via e-mail.

Metamail package used by Caucus for sending data as e-mail attachments.

Text interface documents
   Older versions of Caucus used a completely text-based interface.  Documents relating to this interface include:
Caucus 2.7 User's Guide in RTF  or in HTML
The complete command-line user's guide.  (The HTML version was produced by the Twin-Cities Freenet, and is slightly modified for their site.)

Caucus 2.7 Menu User's Guide (in RTF)
The complete guide for using the menu interface(s).

Caucus 2.7 Customizing Guide (in RTF)
How to customize the user inteface.

Caucus 2.7 Unix Installation Guide